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returning to the blog – thanks, AOC

It’s been awhile since I wrote here, and my things have changed.

I had little hope for 2020 when January rolled around, mostly because 2019 was so godawful, and you know what? After all that happened in 2019, it’s still godawful, and I would much rather have 2020 over and over again if I didn’t have to also live through 2019, but life only gives us so many choices, and one of them is not the opportunity to select certain bad things from happening.

But anyway. What a way to restart a blog!

It seemed so shallow to be thinking about things like fashion and style and beauty in the midst of a harrowing global crisis like what we’re living through, not to mention the godawful (I’m going to be using that word a lot on this site, I can already tell) political situation here in the US, but then I realized, why the hell not? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there’s beauty and joy in the shallows as much as they dwell in the depths, so why not hang on to them, lean into them, and squeeze all the hope that one can out of them?

I love that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is scary brilliant — arguably the smartest person in Congress — and brave and compassionate and funny. I hate that, like a bad, selfish boyfriend, America is so blind to her gifts and the tremendous good she can and will do for the world waitandsee. But I also love that she was equally happy to generously share her beauty secrets to Vogue and thus to the rest of us mortal folks. Every step, every product, from her cleanser to the finishing touch, that famous red lipstick!

Because of the pandemic, I rarely leave the house, and since I’ve worked from home for years anyway, the lockdowns didn’t really change my workday all that significantly, but I do spend more time at home. Pre-pandemic, I spent a lot of time on the road, averaging about a week per month, both here in the US and abroad. But now that my world has shrunk to about a mile-wide radius around my home, I find myself looking for excuses to just look decent even though sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any point. I swap out my every day sports watch with my vintage silver watch that an ex-boyfriend gave me years ago, and make sure I’m clean and neat and decently groomed. I still don’t wear any makeup — never really did much even before Covid — but it seems so much more important now to be presentable. It’s like wearing my hope on my cap sleeve.