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My [Cobalt] Betty is here!

I have so many tea cups — lovely, delicate Mikasa china, thick ceramic cups handmade in Japan that I bought at a local art store when I lived there in the mid-1990s, singular antique cups picked up from vintage/thrift shops here and there — but I have exactly one ceramic Japanese teapot. I can’t remember when I bought it, maybe 10 years ago, but it’s absolutely perfect for green tea.

I just don’t drink as much green tea as I used to. What I do drink a lot of are various black teas, white teas, and Rooibos teas. The latter, I picked up when I found out my mentor and former division lead drank heaps of it, and I love her and adore everything about her so of course I had to try it out. Unlike C., I’m a big fan of caffeine, so I wouldn’t rely on Rooibos for real pick-me-ups, but I love the light, fruity taste.

I read about the Brown Betty from fellow Francophile Anne Barone’s blog, and after reading more about this classic, earthy teapot, I couldn’t wait to try it. Mme. Barone bought hers from the English Tea Store, and while the store’s aesthetics is a bit meh, and the navigation can be confusing — the product descriptions could be a bit more detailed, and I spent a bit of time trying to match the right size infuser for the teapot I selected — the purchase experience was straightforward. For less than $44, including shipping, my Cobalt Betty (I prefer the deep blue color over the traditional chocolate hue) would be on its way to me within a week or so.

Actually, it look more like 9 days, but it arrived today, carefully packed in hefty layers of green bubble wrap. Et voilĂ !

I washed it carefully in warm soap and water and let it air dry. I haven’t used it yet but I will definitely do so tomorrow. I’ve a lavender black tea that I’ve had a couple of times that I can’t wait to try in the new pot, to see if there really is a marked difference.

I’m sure there will be, if only due to my heightened expectations! Tomorrow’s tea time will be so special.